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Universal Dynamics, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of auxiliary products for the plastics processing industry. Through decades of innovation, expertise and product excellence, Universal Dynamics has produced an extensive product line for material handling, drying, conveying, feeding, blending, size reduction and heat exchangers. 

Product brand names include UNA-DYN, AutoLoad, andAutoGrind.
Simple design, reliable performance and user-friendly operator controls are just a few of the reasons customers prefer Universal Dynamics products and remain loyal for years to come. Product, Systems Engineering and after sales support all come together at Universal Dynamics, as your "One Stop Shop", to meet the many challenging needs of plastics processors today!

Bill Goldfarb - President

Una-Dyn Products

Blending Systems

Conveying Systems

Blending Systems


• Lybra G Series - gravimetric feeders

• Una-Dyn Series Maguire Gravimetric   


• HCWB Blender - blends resin of 

  various bulk densities by weight

• PAF Series Feeder precision

  additive feeders

• MDW  batch gravimetric blenders 

• Quantum - gravimetric blender

Material Drying

Conveying Systems

Blending Systems


• Vantage Series - dryer packages that ship

  within 2 weeks

• DHD series - dual dessicant dryers with  

  open frame design

• HD Series - self-contained, fully automatic 

  hot air hopper-dryer

• PCT2 & PCT3 - Pulse Cooling Technology  

  dryers with high throughputs

• BD Series - compressed air dryers, small  

  compact design

• GasPack - retrofit conversions for process 

  air dyers

Conveying Systems

Conveying Systems

Integrated Systems Group


• Ryng - production monitoring

• Easylink Automatic coupling units

• PureFlo - filterless receivers

• LS Self-Contained Loaders

• LS Chambers & Loaders

• Glass Tube Chambers & Loaders

• Cyclone Filters & Dustmaster Series Floor 


• PowerMax HP & PD Pumps

• Maxi-Vac Pumps

• Valves - Dual Ratio, Positive

Shutoff & Vortex Shutoff

• Rail Car Unloaders

Integrated Systems Group

Integrated Systems Group

Integrated Systems Group


Universal Dynamic’s Integrated Systems Group is one of the plastics processing industry’s most experienced and trusted names.  

when it comes to designing, delivering and installing the right auxillary system for the application. The Integrated Systems Group

will assist you whether you’re building a new production facility, or expanding an existing one. 

With over 40 years experience in the plastics processing industry, ISG is ready to assist you with all your design, building and installation needs or with equipment

integration to optimize an existing plant system.


Integrated Systems Group

Production Software


Granulator Options:

• Small, medium and large size


• Film and Edge Trim Granulators

• Thermoforming Series


• TRM Series - single shaft shredders

Production Software

Integrated Systems Group

Production Software


To integrate, monitor and program all the auxiliary units from a remote PC, Una-Dyn develops software systems, both with standardized platform and in customized versions according to the specific features of the plant and the control and supervisory requirements of the customer. 

The operator can control the functioning of the system from remote positions, modify and automate the settings of some parameters, diagnose potential problems and plan the production jobs.

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